The CrownTalk Podcast Crowned ReRe CONVERSATION SUNDAY feature

Crowned ReRe will be having conversations with authors about what inspired them to write, to publish their writing, and their intent in publishing their books, and of course, there will be conversations about self-care and self-awareness from the author’s perspective.

The first author Crowned ReRe will be speaking with and sharing “Crown Moments” with is Pashmina P. who is an International Bestseller and self-made marketing, writing, and consulting guru, Pashmina P. currently lives in Asia with her family. She worked in the PR industry as an English Copywriter after graduating from university in London, assisting in launching flagship stores for fashion companies in South East Asia.

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About Crowned ReRe

Host Re’Becca “Crowned ReRe” Alston presents CrownTalk Podcast and, recognizing the crowns of Kings and Queens among us. Crowned ReRe defines “The Crowns” as friends, family, and notable personalities that have royal stories to share. Each of our Crowns share their gems through the narrative of their journey. They are aware of their worth, they are aware of their value, and with that, they are Crowned by ReRe.