Master Elite Author Program

In 2022, Pashmina P. and her team only have a few spots left for this program. This is an extensive writing, marketing, and branding course, which will connect you to some media Moghuls of the book world. Whilst marketing and branding yourself, the author will stand out as an authority in their field. The team will create marketing strategies, networks and media connections so that the author and their book reach a worldwide audience. Our mission for this program is to give authors the space to create more content. Books, workbooks, teaching tools, curriculum maps, websites, vlogs, blogs and producing podcasts. Media features and branding are an integral part of this course. With a team of 12 behind you, this course is for those who are indeed working towards leaving their legacy behind.

Elite Author Program

This course is for authors who do not know anything about the book process, and would like a team of solid professionals to help with editing, layout, formats and light marketing. This course is for authors who would like to have their work stand out on a literary level, which helps them to become published on a global platform. Our aim for the author is to ensure that their work is at a publishable and marketable level.

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