Kiss Online Course

KISS – Keep it Short & Spectuacular

My First Kiss

As a first time author or best selling author, we all start with a blank canvas.

Pashmina and the OAO team designed this course with YOU in mind, to help save precious commodity of time AND ensure you reach your growing audience of fans!

Included in this course is a copy of my latest book Red Lipstick Never Hurt Anyone as featured in New York weekly.

Why Take The Kiss Online Course?


Writing is lonely

By following my secret KISS formula you’ll not feel alone and your fans will be cheering you on each step of the way

Book publishing costs $$$

Book writing, marketing and branding can get expensive fast when you’re figuring out everything all by yourself

Dedicated support team

KISS and the OAO are here to make sure your story reaches your fans without breaking the bank or your heart

Here’s why I created KISS for you

How KISS Works

A Step By Step Guide to writing your book

Easy to follow modules all laid out, step by step

Create a manuscript ready for publishing

What Our Clients Say

“THANK YOU to Pashmina (Founder, Online Author’s Office) and her wonderful team for their expertise in editing and layout and for their advice on publishing The Genius Books Series. Pashmina, being an International Best Selling Author, understands the process from beginning to publication and has guided me through this process. Thank you for this wonderful, amazing journey and experience.”

Wendy Marquenie, Author

Genius And His Friends Series

“Pashmina, I can’t even begin to thank you enough for everything you are doing for me, I’m just amazed. You are incredible. I literally could not do this without you. You have helped me bring to life what’s in my head and something I’ve wanted to share with the world since I was a child. I’m just so moved and so grateful I found you and your team. Thank you. ”


“The OAO team led by Pashmina P. is such a wonderful place for any author to hang their hat. The whole team is always there for you when you need them, and I feel like the OAO is both a welcoming community and a home for authors. Each team member brings their expertise to the table, and this promotes teamwork and collaboration.

I want to say thank you so much to my “sistah” Pashmina P. for holding my hand every step of the way. It’s been five long years and she has helped me to cross the threshold. Family for life! I am also indebted to Charlotte L. Taylor, Senior Project Manager of the OAO and my lead literary advisor for the compilation of my book. Thank you so much, OAO team, for your love and expertise and for helping me to make my dream of becoming an author come true!”


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