Terms and Cconditions

  1. These terms and conditions, together with our privacy policy and payment term policy govern The OAO Online Author’s Office’s relationship with you in relation to the suite of OAO services, including Manuscript Assessment, SKS, Elite author mentorship, Master author mentorship, Curriculum Mapping.
  2. For the contract fee, we will give advisory services, including critique to improve the work and make it more marketable. If any advice is deemed unclear both in the view of the client and OAO, we will provide clarification and advise accordingly. Whilst we will endeavour to be as helpful as we reasonably can in-house, the fee covers the parameters of the contract only as described.
  3. You will have direct access to OAO CEO. It is not OAO policy to put you in touch with your editor or reader directly, however, if you have a message for your reader please indicate this and we can pass the message on.
  4. We will decide in-house who the most suitable editor and second editor and beta reader for the job is, and aim to make a good match each time. OAO’s decision is final in the choice of editor.
  5. We reserve the right to return your work should you fail to comply with the payment terms and submission of manuscript within the time stipulated in the contracts. In exceptional circumstances, the contract will be cancelled by consent of both parties, please note, no refund will be issued.
  6. We aim to provide all services within the term of weeks but we cannot guarantee this if the client misses agreed deliverables deadlines.
  7. With the elite contract, you can expect to receive your report within 7-10 working days of your MS being assigned to an OAO reader.
  8. OAO will endeavour to reply to messages within 1-2 working days maximum.
  9. OAO requires correct payment in order to process any submission.
  10. Manuscripts must be double-spaced, in 12 point font with page numbers inserted, and printed on single sides of A4, numbered in word. Tracked changes will be provided. Paper versions not accepted.
  11. We will delete all manuscripts at the end of the contract. Client is responsible for maintaining copies of correspondence.
  12. Amended manuscripts cannot be accepted once the work has been sent to a reader. Any amendments sent in separate emails will incur an additional fee.
  13. Refunds can be processed up until the point OAO starts delivering services from the first date of contract signing, thereafter no refunds will be possible.
  14. In cases where you wish to lodge a complaint, we ask that you send us a letter or email no earlier than one week after services have commenced. We will do our utmost to resolve the situation. We ask that any feedback of this nature be submitted to us within no longer than six weeks of contract commencement in order to help us resolve issues. We cannot deal with complaints raised more than six weeks after start of contract.
  15. We cannot take responsibility for work lost in the post, so please ensure you have a back-up at home.
  16. Your work will be treated in the strictest confidence.
  17. The copyright of your work is automatically yours and remains yours at all times.
  18. The copyright of all OAO correspondence, product, advisory services remains with OAO. Permission should be sought from OAO before quoting using OAO services, including a comment or review from any correspondence or message, for example to agents or on personal websites.
  19. Recommendations to agents or publishers will only be made after an assessment if both the reader and OAO in-house team deem your work to be potentially marketable.
  20. In the event that we wish to forward your work to marketing agents or print and e-publishers on your behalf, we will never do so without seeking your permission first. See contract terms for additional clauses.
  21. OAO has linking agreements with a number of agencies. This is never to the financial detriment of the author. We will disclose all information pertaining to this upon request.
  22. OAO will make no false promises or mislead the writer in any way.
  23. Whilst we realise that receiving feedback is a sensitive process, and whilst we wish to work with as wide a range of clients as possible,  we expect clients to behave in a professional manner and reserve the right to stop working with a client should their manner be offensive to our team.
  24. Whilst we are broadminded and accept that writing deals with subject matter of all kinds, we reserve the right not to process work if we deem it to be excessively and unacceptably offensive.