What My Authors Say

“A heart-felt, wise, honest, and tender book, The Cappuccino Chronicles offers a vision of lives well-led and of love through the years. This poignant story will move and enchant you and maybe even disturb you in the best way. Beyond inspiring.”

Lorraine Hahn

former CNN and CNBC anchor

“THANK YOIU to Pashmina (Founder, Online Author’s Office) and her wonderful team for their expertise in editing and layout and for their advice on publishing The Genius Books Series. Pashmina, being an International Best Selling Author, understands the process from beginning to publication and has guided me through this process. Thank you for this wonderful, amazing journey and experience.”
Wendy Marquenie, Author

Genius And His Friends Series

“Pahmina, I can’t even begin to thank you enough for everything you are doing for me, I’m just amazed. You are incredible. I literally could not do this without you. You have helped me bring to life what’s in my head and something I’ve wanted to share with the world since I was a child. I’m just so moved and so grateful I found you and your team. Thank you”

“I can still remember my first zoom call with Pashmina P. I was so excited to share my first children’s book with her. That same night I emailed her my book and the magic began. Pashmina P and the OAO team truly brought my book to life. Charlotte edited my book and came up with the title Braiding Crowns of Friendship which truly captures the essence of my book. Ari brought the characters to life and and did an amazing job with the illustration. I was trying to find a website designer and Pashmina P and her team did it again and created my website.

OAO is truly a one-stop solution for a new author. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering becoming a author. I truly could not have done this without them. I looked forward to my zoom meetings with Pashmina P and her team. Thanks for being apart of my journey and I look forward to creating more books with you and your remarkable team.”

Christine M. Aldrich

Bestselling Author of Braiding Crowns of Friendship

“The OAO team led by Pashmina P. is such a wonderful place for any author to hang their hat. The whole team is always there for you when you need them, and I feel like the OAO is both a welcoming community and a home for authors. Each team member brings their expertise to the table, and this promotes teamwork and collaboration.

I want to say thank you so much to my “sistah” Pashmina P. for holding my hand every step of the way. It’s been five long years and she has helped me to cross the threshold. Family for life! I am also indebted to Charlotte L. Taylor, Senior Project Manager of the OAO and my lead literary advisor for the compilation of my book. Thank you so much, OAO team, for your love and expertise and for helping me to make my dream of becoming an author come true!”

Cheryl Moy

Based on her enthusiasm, and some knowledge from another author who was part of the OAO, I contacted Pashmina from the Online Author’s Office. We talked about their services and mentorship packages and I signed up.

There is so much more to writing a book that I never considered, and more
importantly the order in which activities are undertaken.

Whilst I am in the midst of writing, I now have clarity through a synopsis, a title and a book cover which is helping me with focus on the story.  I never realised the importance of timely marketing, websites and social media, so early in my journey as an author to garner solid interest in my publication.

And whilst still early in the process, I have a publisher and an ISBN to protect my work.

As an aspiring author, there is so much about the process I don’t know, the Online Author’s Office manage and guide me through all of that, and provide amazing encouragement to get the words on the paper, and their editorial team have been helping me take my work to the next level.

We all have a story, but most of us have no idea where and how to get that story out for others to benefit from our own journey through writing.  This is where the Online Author’s Office is the back room to success in turning you into a published author.

Jason Masters

I have had a love for books, both reading and writing, all my life! At age three and up I kept my mom and older siblings busy taking me back and forth to the library to check out books to read. As a child I would write stories constantly, as an adult I wrote articles for magazines and it was so much fun to see my work in print, with the hope that even one person would enjoy what they read and learn something that could light their imagination, or even, change their life.

Enter my fifties! When would I write and publish my first book? My fifty’s bucket list was being ticked every year as I climbed to sixty but this was one item amongst a few left to complete. The thing was, I had no idea how to publish a book, or even, how to get started.

A charity fashion show would lead to an enjoyable encounter with the very vibrant author of The Cappuccino Chronicles, Pashmina Pash. Meeting a published author to me is like meeting a famous actor or a rockstar, I was awestruck and couldn’t wait to order her trilogy. This brief encounter lead to a friendship and then learning more about the OAO (Online Authors Office). At last, there was guidance and support, a group of experienced writers, editors and a legal team to guide you through the steps to producing a book worthy to be on the shelves of my favorite bookstore.

I’ve so enjoyed working with this team and am embracing the process as I dream of writing my next endeavor. I’m excited to be part of the Master Elite Program and to continue this learning process, all while opening my imagination to others who also have a love of reading!


Phyllis Hanson Ansusinha

I met Pashmina A few years ago in Toronto Canada. The moment I met her I knew that there was a connection because we both have the same positive energy. I knew one day I would be working in her energy again.

When I wrote my book “Believe “Pashmina was the first person I thought of so I contacted her. When she informed me that she was on her own with a fantastic team my prayers were answered.

When I describe Pashmina to others the word leader comes to mind.

Her leadership and her teams visions seize the opportunities that appear, they look for so many ways to help others to advance and raise their frequency.

I knew that I could not make choices on the future of my books on my own , showing others my passions and experiences without my readers being able to feel what I feel, to connect with them if I did not know what the choices where. Pashmina and her team share their energy and visions to provide advice, encouragement and positive reinforcement to guide you down the road so you can reach your goal. They have fantastic communication with their clients.

Together everyone achieves more and I know that I have listened to my intuition and feelings to team up with such a wonderful leader and a fantastic team.

With Gratitude,

Sandy Forseille

Why my Book: “Seva, The Art of Hospitality” is my new business card?

It was during the pandemic that I reached out to Pash, aware of her professionalism, I knew I could rely on her counsel.

Besides imparting structure and instruction about ‘mapping’ she reiterated that my book would eventually be my new business card, bringing in fresh opportunities.

On my travels across Europe, promoting my book on hospitality, I was warmly ‘received’ an inherent of hospitality) in many places. This furnished me with a sense of confidence and pride.

My dreams of being an author and sharing my story to engage, empower and inspire others would not have been complete without Pash’s support in releasing my book out into the world.

Kiran Robinson